A popular tourist destination for Brazilians

From Porto Alegre I went by bus to Florianopolis, the capital of the state of Santa Catarina. The city with the peninsula Lagoa da Conceição is very popular with tourists because of the high quality of life, safety, the pristine beaches and beautiful views. This place is also very popular with surfers.

I spent my 4 nights there, in two different hostels and 1 Airbnb. Although the island looks very small, it takes forever to get from one place on the island to another by public transport because there are many cars on the way. It is recommended to rent a car.

Reminiscences of my homeland

Here I met a German-Japanese woman again, whom I had already met in Sao Paulo. We relaxed a little bit at the dunes "Dunas de Joaquina", where you can also go sandboarding. In the evening I met her again for a beer, but I couldn't get used to her feminist, cold and emotionless nature. On the one hand she was proud of being a slut and breaking up her relationship because of that, but on the other hand she wondered why all these superficial relations made her feel depressed. A behaviour that is actually atypical for Brazilian women. The German genes probably gave her this lack of emotion.

Not only this woman brought back memories of my homeland. Also the landscape reminded me strongly of the native Baltic Sea back home and accordingly I was not very impressed by this place. The beaches were quite crowded. Besides, the weather was not as sunny as I had in Rio de Janeiro. I also missed the relaxed atmosphere of Rio.

Homesickness for the first time in 1 year

Meanwhile it was almost 1 year ago that I had left home and here I felt the real need to return home for the first time. I got a bit tired of moving around and meeting new people all the time. I went for a lonesome hike in the rain and decided to end my trip 1 month later and return home.

I immediately booked the flight home from Brazil. I also booked another flight: a flight to Peru. Originally I wanted to save Peru for later, but I couldn't help it. So a little later I took the bus from Florinapolis to Foz do Iguazu for almost 17 hours, where I made a short detour to the Argentine side of the Iguazu Falls and the very next day I went to Paraguay, from where I was supposed to fly to Peru.

Feb. 28, 2020, 12:06 p.m.